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  • Corrugated materials

    • Brown Kraft – used

    • Corrugated Containers

    • Carrier Stock

    • Double Lined Kraft Corrugated Cuttings

    • Grocery Bag Scrap

    • Mixed Kraft Cuttings

    • Kraft Multi-Wall Bag Scrap

  • Paper Materials

    • Mixed Paper – Super Mixed and Mixed

    • News – News, White Blank News, Special News, De-Ink News, Over-Issue News

    • Magazines

    • Shavings – Flyleaf, Mixed Groundwood, Coated Soft White, Hard White

    • Cuttings – Hard White Envelope, New Colored Envelope, Semi Bleached

    • Sorted – Office paper, Color Ledger

    • Ledger – Manifold Colored, Sorted White, Manifold White, Computer Printout

    • Coated – Book Stock, Groundwood Sections

    • Bleached Board – Printed Cuttings, Misprinted Bleached Board, Unprinted Bleached Board

    • Cup and Plate Stock – Bleached and Printed Bleached

  • Plastic Materials

    • Call with inquiries

  • Metal Materials

    • Copper – number one, number two, sheet, wire-clean & insulated

    • Brass – yellow, red, car radiators, copper & brass mixed (clean and unclean) mixed irony brass

    • Aluminum – sheet, cast, cans, copper aluminum radiators (clean and unclean), clean and insulated aluminum wire, irony

    • Steel – number one steel, (prepared & unprepared), number two steel (prepared and unprepared), stainless (prepared and unprepared).

    • Additional - batteries (car and truck), cast iron, light iron, lead, monel, zinc, & cars

Raff’s recycles Cardboard, Paper, Plastic and Metals including the following items, but not limited to:

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