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Raff’s provides local pick up service to commercial accounts, or your place of business.  Depending on the amount of material generated, Raff’s can provide containers and/or trailers for your company’s recyclables.   We customize our pickups for each and every account and will accept recyclable materials delivered to our plant.


Benefits for using Raff’s Local Pick Up Service

  • We can provide containers for quick and convenient service

  • Customized pickup schedule to meet your company’s needs

  • We provide monthly tonnage reports for your company

  • Fast, Friendly and Dependable service


Raff’s will buy and sell cardboard, paper and plastic materials from all over the United States.  We pride ourselves on prompt payment for purchased material.  When we broker material, we insist that all paper materials meet the P.S. standards with regard to quality and grade identifications.  All other materials will be based on particular industry standards that apply to the specific grade being purchased.


Benefits of using Raff’s Brokerage Service

  • Dependable Service

  • Prompt Payment

  • Competitive Pricing

  • Reprocessing of the Brokered Material if needed

  • Experienced Sales Staff

  • Large Volume Capability


Raff’s will clean, sort and bale the material we pick up so it’s ready for delivery to the mills.  We can process a wide variety of recyclables both separated or co- mingled.   This includes all types of paper, cardboard and plastics.  We will customize each account to meet your specific needs.


Benefits of using Raff’s Processing Services

  • Full service approach which includes collection, sorting, bailing, transportation and marketing

  • Large processing capability

  • Accurate detailed reports, including weight verification

  • Destruction through the recycling process

  • Cost effective program customization to maximize profitability

  • Prompt and dependable service

  • Our marketing capabilities allows us to move recyclables quickly

  • Equipment leasing available

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